Belajar Tiada Henti

Squirrel Stories

Where is the best place to hide this almond? Squirrel: hmm..yummy. Wait, i’ll keep this one. Don’t go anywhere
Me: Hmm? Are you still hungry?
Don’t worry, i have more almonds
for you 🙂
I want to eat alone. birds..go awayy You want more? come closer ..
Me: cekcekcek.. come. I’m your friend from Indonesia. Can we chat?
Squirrel: I’d love to if you have some almonds for me.
me: sure 😉
Squirrel: Nice to meet you. Are you cold? What’s the weather in Indonesia anyway? Is it warm?
Me: Yup. Do you want to visit your friend in Indonesia someday, maybe?
Squirrel: Well, it’s depents on how much almonds do you have.
Me: hahaha, smart squirrel, are you?
Squirrel: of course i’m 🙂
Me: Hm? Do you want to play hide and seek with me? Ok, no problem.
Squirrel: Are you sure you can find me?
Me: Absolutely. I have a lot of almonds 😉
Squirrel: haa… are you cheating on me, aren’t you?
Me: noo. :). How could you say so? 😉 *wink*
Me: I have to go. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Squirrel: Me too. Thanks so much.
Me: you’re welcome. wish i could come by someday.
Squirrel: Bye. miss you and take care *hehe, GR banget dikangenin tupai :)*

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